New app brings a “nevermind” command to Google Glass

Have you ever said “ok glass” by mistake? If you have your hands full, you have to drop everything to use your finger to navigate back. Now, that annoyance is no more with a quick new app called “Glass Nevermind” created by Explorer +Matthew Pierce.  Glass Nevermind allows you to say “ok glass… Never mind”, taking you back to the “ok glass” screen.

I installed this app on my Glass device when I saw a post about it appear in Google Plus feed–and I have already used it plenty of times in my everyday life. Using the app is effortless and seems like a default Glass action. When you initiate Glass’s voice menu all you have to say is “ok glass… never mind” and you will see a screen that reads “Returning to OK Glass” while hearing Glass say “Canceling”. You will be taken back to the home screen and can activate any app you please from there.

It’s a very straightforward app and, in my opinion, is something that Google should add via a future monthly update. If you would like to download this app for your Glass hit the download link below for the APK. Leave us a comment about what you think about this new app and whether or not you think you will use it!

Download: Glass Nevermind