The new Sony SmartEyeglass – a Google Glass competitor in the making

Sony, known for its classy gadgets,  now sets off to break new ground in the smart spectacles market with its new SmartEyeglass–which is said to be capable of showing notifications, messages and important information right in front of the user’s eyeballs.

Originally revealed at CES, SmartEyeglass is mostly a concept trailing upon the Google Glass format. However, SmartEyeglass is shaped in a chubby frame with more protruding stature unlike Google Glass’s modular-like shape. The new venture was available for preview at the Mobile World Congress.

Furthermore,  the prototype of this device is packed with accelerometer, a gyro, a compass, a microphone, a camera and most of the common internals which Google Glass has already been known for. The device, unlike Google Glass, also has a brightness sensor.

This device, according to Sony,  will  have a separate controller with touch pad accompanied with camera, navigation and power buttons.

Compatible devices will have the ability to pair with SmartEyeglass through Bluetooth v3.0 and WiFi – 802.11b/g/n.

Sony, hand-in-hand with its partners, is working to develop an SDK for the new to come eye-wear. This SDK, as said by Sony, will be similar in format to that of the SmartWatch 2. Unlike Google Glass, this clearly shows that users would need a smartphone to run apps on SmartEyeglass.

Having said that, Sony reveals no exact date of release for its new gadget and the SDK. Stay tuned.

Source: Sony Mobile