‘My Homework 4 Glass’ is a new way to manage daily tasks for a busy lifestyle

One of the many hurdles the busy bodies among us face–myself included–is a sense of organization when going about our daily activities. With school, work, social commitments, and parenting especially, it can be hard to stay on the right track and organized.

Enter My Homework 4 Glass, a new app made by +Calvin Chestnut that attempts to solve this never-ending problem.

Taking advantage of Glass and the wonderful way notifications are presented to us, this may be exactly what is needed to avoid shuffling papers and missed appointments.

Looks like Chapters 14-22 are due tomorrow!

My Homework 4 Glass presents itself as one of the first assignment managers for Google Glass (preceded by Any.do and others), and why shouldn’t it be the next? The beauty of this novel idea is simplistic, yet provides a way to have all those tasks managed. Not only can it be used for managing a busy academic schedule, but daily activities as well. You can gather more information about an assignment, and even mark it as complete right from Glass itself. Life is sweet.

Mark your assignments as complete as you finish them!

My Homework for Glass allows students to keep track of their assignments without carrying around a bunch of syllabi. Just ask Glass “What’s due?”

You can get more info about an assignment, or mark it as complete right from Glass to remove it from your list of assignments.

To get started with My Homework 4 Glass, you need to sideload the .apk to Glass. The app’s site has a page explaining the process if you need help.  Also, a “My Homework” account needs to be set up which can also be done via the My Homework 4 Glass website. Once the account is created, you can start adding assignments right on your account page.

Now, please excuse me while I load a certain .apk and get started organizing my calendar.

Source: My Homework 4 Glass