Should I get Google Glass? We’ve got the answer in Venn diagram and flow chart form

This question is asked far too often. Google has been shipping the Explorer Edition of Glass for almost a year now, and it seems as if people are still confused as to whether or not the device is for them. At $1,500, you would think that deciding whether or not to jump on the latest-technology bandwagon would be a non-problem for most people. But, alas, Google has seemingly graced us with hundreds of spare Glass invites, and everyone and their mom seems to be wondering whether or not they should buy the device. It is pretty cool, after all.

But Google Glass Explorer Edition – Explorer Edition – isn’t for everyone. Google doesn’t want it to be. This device is still a beta product, and all of the Explorers are simply guinea pigs running around as Google watches the community evolve. Google is watching our every move, and they want to use this “data” to make the public, official launch – if that day ever comes – as great as it can possibly be.

For those of you who are curious whether or not you should buy Google Glass Explorer Edition, I created a couple of charts (which have been quite popular among the social medias, I might add).

The first of which was a Venn diagram:



After a bit of criticism, the general social media populace came to the agreement that this information would be better presented via a flow chart. So here’s that:

Google flowchart

Feel free to share these around as you see fit – I just kindly ask that you leave the GoogleGlassFans watermarks on them.

Let me make something very clear before I leave you: These charts are intended to answer the question of whether or not you should buy the Explorer Edition. If you’re wondering whether or not you should buy Google Glass once it’s released, I have only one answer: Yes.