Create timelapses on Google Glass with Timelapse Glass

The fine folks over at Digitas Labs Paris designed and developed Timelapse Glass specifically for Google’s wearable device. They wanted to give people the ability to record a POV timelapse easily and efficiently, and that they did with this great app. Head after the break for more information.

We really wanted to offer a solution for those who need to share a day story: a roadtrip, a skiing session, a marathon, a paragliding flight, or simply a walk … By combining the Glass technology and the timelapse trick, we have developed a unique POV timelapse application: the limit is just your inspiration!

Digitas Labs Paris were kind enough to make a video showing the app in action, which covers a few of the infinite amount of possible timelapses you can create.

To record a a new video, all you have to say is “Ok Glass, Start Timelapse”. You will have the option to take a video or show the videos which you have previously taken.

When the app is recording, it will show a preview of what you are viewing, along with the duration of your current video.

To end the recording, simply tap stop on the touchpad. Digitas Labs has already stated that sharing options will come soon.

To install this app, you will have to sideload the Timelapse Glass APK file. You can find the download link and more information on the app here.

Once you download the APK file, you can follow our detailed instructions on how to sideload apps onto your Google Glass for both Mac and Windows.

Let us know what you think about Timelapse Glass and whether or not you will be using it! And, if you want, mention us when you make a timelapse. We’d appreciate it.

Source: Timelapse Glass