Google Glass to go on sale for one day

Update: It’s happening! Google has confirmed via Google+ that the sale will actually take place on April 15! If you’re interested, be ready to pay $1,500 to become an Explorer at last!

The next phase of the Glass Explorer program is about to get underway, according to various slides obtained and reported upon by The Verge. If their information is accurate, Google will offer Glass to the public for one day at the full $1,500 price that other members of the Explorer program paid.

The leaked slide is light on details, and the exact date isn’t disclosed. It could, however, be as early as next week. It mentions April 15 as a possible day to announce when the sale would actually take place.

The sale would be limited to residents of the United States, include a free frame or shade, and be priced at the typical $1,500 mark.


This news comes ahead of Google I/O, which will take place in June. Many were expecting Glass to be a major part of the event, with a possible consumer release date being announced. It’s not clear what this news means for that event, though it is likely that Google will still have some Glass-related news to announce.

Not a full consumer release

The Verge speculates that this could also be Google’s way of clearing out Explorer edition stock ahead of a larger release. In my opinion, that doesn’t seem likely: does it really make sense to offer consumers a $1,500 device, only to turn around within a relatively short period of time and offer something cheaper (and presumably with better hardware) for less? Regardless, the consumer release of Glass is still expected to come later this year.

So far, Google has declined to comment, but be sure to keep an eye on this site — we’ll update you with news of when this sale is to happen.

Source: The Verge