KitKat for Glass coming later this week

KitKat for Google Glass has been officially announced, and it’s coming later this week. Included in this update are various under-the-hood changes, as well as user-facing features and enhancements. The update is officially XE16, and is based on Android 4.4.

Google is making photos easier to browse with Photo Bundles, which will group photographs by day. It’s also now easier than ever to send feedback with Glass, as they have added a feedback section to the device card info. Various other features are outlined in the announcement post, but there are also other features which haven’t yet been announced.

Send feedback

As this is KitKat, Google says that the update will bring about improved battery life and increased reliability. Developers will be able to target the latest set of Android APIs, which should make Glassware apps more efficient and powerful.

There is one high-profile feature that is biting the dust in this release: video calls. Google is removing the feature, citing user frustration and a poor experience as the main reasons. However, it may return in the future as the service and implementation improve.

All of this will be available to Explorers later this week!

Source: Google+