Head of marketing believes criticism proves Glass is disruptive

During the last year, many have criticized Google over its rollout of Glass. With more scrutiny than ever on technology that can aid governments in spying, Glass has acquired something of a bad taste in much of the public’s opinion. Stories of Explorers being thrown out of movie theaters or other public venues become sensational tales of a technology gone bad. But, according to Ed Sanders, these stories and feelings are symptomatic of a disruptive technology.

In an interview with Forbes, Sanders says:

I see it as quite a necessary symptom of a company that’s trying to be disruptive. Nothing great has been achieved where it’s incremental.

Sanders also doesn’t believe that the limited rollout or marketing of Glass has been a failure; he states that the Explorer “beta test” was the only way to help improve Glass. The primary goal of the staged rollout wasn’t to make Glass a spectacle whenever spotted, but instead to give Google engineers more information to help make Glass a better product.

Source: Forbes