Google to replace Glass devices following major software issue

While Google has confirmed that it is aware of boot loop issues surrounding the XE16.1 software update, and is actively working on a patch, it appears that the problem could be bigger than expected for some Glass Explorers. A lot bigger.

At least for now, it looks like users that bricked their Glass devices after updating to XE16.1 will need to have their wearable devices replaced entirely. Glass Explorer +Ben Lang has shared an email from Google in which he is asked for personal information to facilitate the swap. The full email is ahead… 

Just got an email from Glass support asking me to provide info for a Glass swap. Looks like the XE 16.1 really did brick Glass for some users. Maybe they forgot to provide DFU functionality (or want a more user-friendly fix)?

They are offering a chance to change your Glass color on the swap and also offering your choice of accessory for the trouble.

It is unknown if all bricked Glass users will have to follow this same route, considering that details of the work-in-progress patch are currently limited. But at least Google is acting swiftly to mitigate the situation, especially considering early Glass adopters have paid a hefty $1500 for the device. And a free accessory doesn’t hurt.

Google is reportedly advising users with bricked Glass units to remain patient, as they will soon be providing official communication about the matter. In the meantime, keep it locked at GoogleGlassFans for further developments as this situation unfolds. We will be sure to update this post as soon as we uncover any new information.