Opinion: Google Glass is going to change humanity

Yep, that’s what I said and here’s why I believe it. We have become a cell phone obsessed society. Walk into any mall or restaurant in America and what do you see? People disconnected from the human beings that surround them in favor of the digital humans they interact with via their phones–be it a text message, checking their Facebook or taking a selfie for Pinterest. Google Glass will give us back that lost bit of our humanity.

We have lost something: the ability to appreciate the presence of another person. We ignore them in favor of those on our phones. We miss seeing the wonder of the natural world around us when we’re out for a drive because someone just posted the funniest meme on Facebook and we must comment right now!

With Glass, we can enjoy the scenery around us without the fear that we will miss an important text or email. If one comes to our phone, it’s pushed to Glass and we respond without ever taking our eyes off what is around us. We can take photos of our experiences and share them without ever touching our phones. We don’t worry about getting lost because Glass will navigate us to wherever we need to go, safely and allowing us to continue to enjoy the journey. These things and so much more.

One of the craziest things I’ve noticed when I’m at a Meet Up with my fellow Explorers is that we have to really remember to take photos!!! Yes, we sometimes forget. We are so excited to see each other and talk, eye to eye, we forget. You won’t see us sitting around a table with our noses in our cell phones. We are there for the human interaction.

I doubt that Google had any idea what a wonderful Community of people would spring up around Glass but I can tell you, it’s amazing to be a part of it! These are people that have mostly never met but still they will do the most amazing things for each other.

We had an Explorer that was going through some financial difficulty. Another Explorer thousands of miles away, organized a fundraising drive to help our friend in his time of need. So many responded that it brought tears to all our eyes.

Then there is Thomas. Thomas Schwartz is a talented young photographer. He has been selling prints of his work on a website to earn money for his Glass purchase. But, being such a humble guy, he was only charging about half of what the prints are worth! A group of LA Explorers got together and pitched in to purchase Thomas his own Glass which they presented to him this past Saturday! Who out there does that for a stranger? $1600+ to a stranger? I’ll tell you who. We call it #GlassFamily and it’s not just a cute hashtag!

I can tell you my own experience with Glass.

It’s irrevocably changed my life for the good! I have always been someone that feared rejection, probably going back to grade school where I was a dorky little nerd girl in pants that were too short and granny glasses. It’s haunted me my entire life. I grew up, matured, gained a lot of confidence in who I was but could not shake that fear of rejection. I would be fine once someone approached me but if they didn’t, no way was I going to initiate!

Glass has given perfect strangers the opening to approach me. Glass is a subject on which I am supremely comfortable with speaking on. Through all the demoing and questions, it’s given me the chance to learn and polish social skills to talk and engage with all kinds of people.

I have enjoyed the rewards of doing so, talking with so many interesting people and making more than a few new friends.

I know now that I don’t need Glass to be the life of any party. It’s the person underneath they like. I love my Glass for giving me a priceless gift that I have been waiting for all the 50 years of my life.

Glass is a technological wonder but it’s also so much more than that. It’s life changer. I pray every day that the rest of the human race will someday soon have the chance to enjoy what I have been enjoying since July 12, 2013. Freedom, in so many ways.