Wink Optometry and Optometrix offices now selling Google Glass

One of the early gripes with the launch of the Google Glass Explorer program was the lack of prescription frames for those who require them. Back in January, Google announced the Titanium Collection of frames which you could only buy directly from Google. Now a couple optometrist offices in Southern California are allowing you to purchase Glass itself, and will provide you your choice of any of the available frames for free.

The optometry offices that sell Glass and its frames are Wink Optometry in Calabasas, CA and Optometrix in Brentwood, CA. Wink Optometry has a Glass Basecamp-like display which gives customers the ability to try on Glass for themselves while visiting the office.

This is the Explorer Edition that we have been familiar with for quite some time now however we are seeing a new way of distribution from the search giant; the wearable smart device from Google still comes in at the price tag of $1500.

Photo via: Los Angeles Times

When I called Optometrix, they informed me that for a limited time they have a Glass expert from Google helping out interested customers. This can help customers get a better understanding of the features of Glass along with how it works with their prescription.

I myself have contact lenses and have yet to jump the gun on getting my prescription put into my Glass frames. Living in close proximity to Optometrix, I may have to stop by to get that done soon.

I believe that this experiment of bringing Glass to optometrist offices will show the public that Google Glass isn’t as scary as it seems. Hopefully, potential customers will see the opportunity of turning their ordinary traditional glasses into smart glasses that can simplify their daily lives.

via: Los Angeles Times