Why you shouldn’t bring Google Glass to a bullfight

Over the past year or so we have seen a pattern with the places in which Google Glass is banned. Most of the establishments that have banned Google Glass are movie theaters, restaurants, live events, and other common places where cell phones are typically prohibited.

But this time around, a Glass Explorer by the name of Glen Gilmore encountered a slight problem while visiting Sevilla, Spain. Gilmore was there for his annual visit where he attends a part of the Spanish culture – Bullfights. While leaving his hotel he noticed that his Google Glass was not charged due to a problem with the outlet, however he brought it along as an expensive pair of sunglasses.

He sat down in his seat, placed Glass on his face, and watched the entire first fight uninterrupted. As soon as it ended, though, a security guard came up and motioned for Gilmore to remove Glass. Gilmore did just that and tucked them into his shirt to avoid any conflict with the authorities.

Along with the story Gilmore made a list of takeaways that I believe all Glass Explorers should follow. Here are some of my favorite:

Don’t be rude when asking someone in your establishment to remove their Glass.  (This gentleman was NOT; he was simply firm in conveying that his command wasn’t going to be subject to a debate.)

Stay cool whenever you’re confronted and it’s likely nobody gets too excited or demanding.

What you should take away from this is that if you get asked to remove your Google Glass, you should probably take them off to avoid any altercations — and to avoid making Explorers look bad. There are other ways to spread the word, and confronting people in a harsh manner won’t really take us very far.

I also do not recommend bringing Glass to a bullfight.

Source: Business 2 Community

Photo via: GuidePal