New TweetCinema Glassware in development provides heads-up Twitter trends

Have a first date or perhaps an important meeting with somebody that you want to impress? Stay up-to-date with all the latest trends and current events with a new social intelligence app called TweetCinema.

You’ll know exactly whats happening in the world in 10 seconds with images and trends names lightening fast in real time.

Previously just an iOS and Android app, TweetCinema has now been developed for Google Glass — giving the user small but useful tidbits of trending topics right in the heads-up display. At a glance you can be caught up with current events on Glass.


Creator of the new Glassware posted some information about the app on Reddit to which they state this is only the first version of the app. As time progresses we should see improvements and tweaks that make this app more polished. Until then, if you want to download the app hit up the Reddit source link below.

I just finished coding this real time app that visually shows you trends in real time as they happen – think of it as a way to get the news rapidly in photos in a few seconds right in your eye… I used it like before i hang out with friends or before going to bar trivia, or even a meeting just so I know a quick visual recap of the current events happening right that second – in other words – increase my social intelligence!

Since this is not an official Glassware, you will have to sideload the app onto Glass. If you haven’t sideloaded before or need clarification check out of guides for both Mac and Windows. You can download the app via the TweetCinema website.

Sources: Reddit, TweetCinema