Ok Glass, fix the foil issues

No product launches without small defects and Google Glass is no exception. Although this product is still in beta it suffers from an issue that Google shouldn’t let the consumer model have. If you haven’t read the title I will give you some help, it is the foil bubbling and peeling of the Glass prism.

Since the launch of the Explorer Program, people with extreme humidity or a lot of moisture in the air found that the prism on Glass would start to peel or bubble in cases. Over time this film would disappear and many Explorers with this issue found that their display was messed up. Glass Support in my opinion takes the #1 place on the Best Customer Support list due to the fact that  they immediately will swap out your affected device when experiencing this issue which they should.

I myself, an Explorer for almost 9 months haven’t experienced this issue up until yesterday. I pulled Glass off the charger and there it was, a small part of the foil was starting to peel. I have seen larger peels and bubbling but I still called Glass Support yesterday to inform of my issue before it got worse. It hasn’t been too humid in LA lately, however we did see a little humidity in the past couple weeks which is why I believe this happened to my unit. Rick from Glass Support quickly informed me that it called for a replacement to be sent out so I could replace the device.

Although Glass is still in beta this issue should not be happening over a year after the Explorer Program was originally launched. It is widely speculated that Mountain View will release the consumer version of Glass later this year but with a large issue like this that effecting the masses, Google should take some time to fix this issue right away. Imagine millions of people who purchase the consumer version find out that they can’t use their Glass unit in their beach houses in Florida due to the fact that the foil will bubble.

If Google can fix the foil issue with Glass then that eliminates many replacements going out to Explorers today. Now I wait for my replacement to come in the mail so I can send my defective unit back to Google. Let us know if you have encountered the foil issue on Glass in the comments.