SMI’s Google Glass eye-tracking prototype is impressive

SMI has a really interesting demo of their eye-tracking accessory for Google Glass on YouTube. As per the company’s press release from last month:

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI), a leader in Eye Tracking Technology for more than two decades, announced today a prototype of SMI Gaze Interaction for Google Glass. It is based on a new eye tracking technology platform powered by Omnivision’s high quality sensor technology and SMI’s iViewNG eye tracking software platform.  The result: SMI Eye Tracking for Smart Glasses enables robust gaze based interaction with the Google Glass head mounted display. Features such as gaze controlled navigation and scrolling deliver the most natural and hands-free user experience possible for a variety of day to day and professional activities.

Definitely something to keep an eye on, despite the fact that Google might be working on this themselves.

DVF frames are now available in the UK

Glass explorers in the UK are now able to purchase DVF | MADE FOR GLASS frames for their glass device.  DVF frames, designed by fashion expert Diane von Furstenberg, offer explorers a more fashionable approach to wearable tech.  UK residents have access to the entire collection of frames and shades.  This includes five glass frames styles, and two different types of shades available in eight different colors.

If you’re a UK resident, and are interested in purchasing Glass with DVF premium frames, be prepared to spend £1250 for the shades, and £1398 for eye glass frames.  You can find and purchase the frames exclusively at NET-A-PORTER.

Source: Google+

Kickstarter for new Glass cable makes on-the-go charging easy

The first complaint nearly every Google Glass user has is the short battery life, barely allowing you to get through the day. While external battery packs are available, like Voidstar Lab’s Tactical Cell, many charging cables are not designed to work with these. Whether they’re heavy or connected at a weird angle, the micro-USB used to charge Glass could use an upgrade.

Howard Suissa of Suissa Design, located in Canada, believes he has built a solution. His “Hard-Core Glass Explorer Cable” has various features designed to make charging with an external battery easier.

As outlined in the Kickstarter video, the “hard-core cable” presents a curved arm that moves the cable from the top of the Glass frame to behind your ear. The cord is coiled to allow movement from your head without messing up the position of the cable.


The “Hard-Core Glass Explorer Cable” is only one day into it’s Kickstarter with a goal of $15,000 CAD. Prizes include your name on the designer’s website, bumper stickers, and the cable itself, with 100 available units for $39 CAD. Following these, an “early bird special” price is available at $45 CAD.

Myo allows you to control Google Glass using hand gestures

Thalmic Labs has created a product that allows you to control devices by simply using hand gestures.  The Myo is an elastic armband that detects hand gestures based on muscle movements in the forearm.  Myo has been integrated with several different products already, ranging from computers, to drones.  Now it’s been recently integrated with Google Glass.

The purpose of this device is allow users to have rich interactions with their wearable device in environments where loud noise prohibits voice control, such as construction sites.  Or environments where gloves prohibit touch gestures, such as a doctors office.  There are a few benefits of using this device to communicate and interact with Glass, especially in the enterprise sector.  We’ll see how widely adopted this device will be in the next coming months.

Myo is available for pre-order now.  The consumer version of Myo will ship in September for $149.

Source: 9to5googlethalmic

Glass Accessory In-Depth: Voidstar Accessories

Google has made a plethora of accessories for Glass including shades and cases but they aren’t the only ones making Glass add-ons. Zack from Voidstar Lab was feeling generous and sent us over some Glass accessories to review. These accessories were made to simplify your experience using Google Glass. You can buy the accessories directly from Voidstar however if you have a 3D-Printer laying around, they released the blueprints for them so you can make them for free, which is a large step in the right direction.

2014-06-10T18-24-00.818Z-2014-06-10 14.54.08 Corrected.png.2560x2560_q85
Shale Tactical Cell/Voidstar Lab

The first item we will analyze is the Tactical Cell, a wearable battery for Google Glass. This tries to solve the problem we all face with the battery in Glass which is mediocre daily battery life. This 2600mAh battery pack is protected by a custom 3D-printed case which can match with your corresponding Glass color. The case has a clip for handy storage and access to the battery when needed. It comes with a thin cable retractable Micro-USB cord which in my opinion works perfectly for charging Glass on-the-go.

After using this battery pack for a little while I noticed it was great for getting that extra charge while out and about. A cool little touch I enjoyed was the small blue Voidstar logo that glows when Glass is charging. I appreciate the small matching details such as this since it complements my Sky Glass very well. This little gadget retails for $35 in the corresponding colors of Glass, however if you are willing to pay a premium you can different colors such as Glow-in-the-Dark.

2014-07-08T01-53-59.589Z-2014-07-07 21.39.04.jpg.2560x2560_q85
Shale StickyBud/Voidstar Lab

The next accessory we received is the StickyBud, the earbud dock for Google Glass. This very small 3D-printed accessory features a magnet that holds your Mono Earbud directly in front of your ear so you have easy access to it. It attaches Glass by snugly covering the Micro-USB plug. The earbud secures easily using the small magnet embedded in the plastic. After using it daily I noticed it is helpful when taking a phone call and when I was finished I literally docked it and just forgot about it. Coming in at $30 this little plastic can solve many struggles that Explorers currently have.

StickyBud in action/Zack Freedman
StickyBud in action/Voidstar Lab

Our last accessory for this showcase is the Glass Camera Cover which will do exactly as advertised – cover the camera on Glass. At the moment this product is not for sale however if you buy a Voidstar Glass accessory, this will be thrown in for free! It is a small 3D-Printed camera cover that slides snugly over the prism on Glass and cover the camera.


This was invented to satisfy those who believe Glass is always recording them as well as being able to comply with certain business rules. The cover allows Explorers that have ran into trouble with their HR department use Glass while not exposing the camera.

It also features a very small pin hole cutout for the ambient light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the Glass display.

The only complaint I have about these accessories is not anything related to company however related to the 3D-Printing. Due to the limitations of 3D-Printing the surface of the plastic has a rougher, texture feel compared to manufactured plastic which gives it a self-made feel.

You can find all of these products at their appropriate links along with the ability to make it yourself with the only requirement being you have a 3D-Printer handy.

Source: Voidstar Lab

PCB board problem with GAZERg sets the Glass accessory back

The GAZERg team has taken to their blog to let those who have pre-ordered the Google Glass battery pack of a problem with manufacturing:

Currently we are fixing our PCB board. Due to the mistakes during production it came out in a non-working condition. We sincerely apologize. We are almost done, and you will see your GAZERg this summer, along with another free gadget for Glass that will will ship out later as a compliment for those who have waited for so long.

This is sad news for those patiently waiting for their order, but the company promises that customers will see their GAZERg later in the Summer.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our own Spencer Kleyweg’s awesome comparison of GAZERg (previously known as GAZERGlass) and PWRGlass.

Have you ordered a GAZERg?

DVF | Made for Glass collection now available for purchase

Earlier this month Google announced a collaboration with iconic designer Diane von Furstenberg for a new set of Glass accessories. These accessories include new high quality frames and shades for Google Glass, and attempt to bring a bit of fashion to what many consider to be an unfashionable device.

We’re announcing the DVF | Made for Glass collection, a collaboration that brings chic eyewear designs by iconic American fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg to the Glass Explorer Program.

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 8.35.37 PM

Today, five new frame and eight new shade options are available, bringing more customization to Google Glass. You can order these new accessories directly from the Glass Store or from NET-A-PORTER.

The Google Glass Youtube channel just released the following video with Diane von Furstenberg and Glass designer Isabelle Olsson discussing the new DVF | Made for Glass collection:

Many people speculated that since the accessories are designed by a well known designer, the prices would be very high. Luckily, glancing over at the Shades tab on the Glass Shop you can purchase the Aviator and Navigator styles for $120 each. This is $30 less than Google’s own Titanium Collection shades and surely a pleasant surprise for Explorers — despite the fact that $120 still isn’t cheap. Also, the frame style retails for the same $225 as the frames from the Titanium Collection.

What do you think about these new designer accessories for Google Glass? Let us know in the comments.

Diane von Furstenburg designs new Glass frames and shades

Back in January we got our first look at the Titanium Collection of frames for Glass and now we are receiving more fashionable frames to choose from. Diane von Furstenburg, a very well known American fashion designer was put to the test of designing these new accessories for Glass. This collection has been named DVF | Made for Glass.

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Wink Optometry and Optometrix offices now selling Google Glass

One of the early gripes with the launch of the Google Glass Explorer program was the lack of prescription frames for those who require them. Back in January, Google announced the Titanium Collection of frames which you could only buy directly from Google. Now a couple optometrist offices in Southern California are allowing you to purchase Glass itself, and will provide you your choice of any of the available frames for free. Continue reading “Wink Optometry and Optometrix offices now selling Google Glass”

Glass Accessory In-Depth: Split Frames

Google announced the Titanium collection of prescription frames for Google Glass back in end of January, and this was to allow those who require glasses to use Glass with ease. We just got our hands on a pair of the Split frames so let us get started analyzing them in-depth.

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