SMI’s Google Glass eye-tracking prototype is impressive

SMI has a really interesting demo of their eye-tracking accessory for Google Glass on YouTube. As per the company’s press release from last month:

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI), a leader in Eye Tracking Technology for more than two decades, announced today a prototype of SMI Gaze Interaction for Google Glass. It is based on a new eye tracking technology platform powered by Omnivision’s high quality sensor technology and SMI’s iViewNG eye tracking software platform.  The result: SMI Eye Tracking for Smart Glasses enables robust gaze based interaction with the Google Glass head mounted display. Features such as gaze controlled navigation and scrolling deliver the most natural and hands-free user experience possible for a variety of day to day and professional activities.

Definitely something to keep an eye on, despite the fact that Google might be working on this themselves. brings real-time currency rates to Glass

Google released a small neat app Monday morning which allows you to check currency exchange rates in real-time on Glass.

The simple app has a slightly more complicated name that it goes by –

Official Glassware, bringing real-time currency exchange rates to your Glass. We support most popular exchange rates to PLN in current version, but stay tuned for updates.

At the moment the app can convert only major currencies to PLN (Polish Zloty) which might be the only drawback to the app. In the description they stated there will be updates and I can only imagine these will add more currencies to convert.


Twitter for Glass is no longer supported

According to Reddit user pete716, Twitter is no longer supporting its Google Glass client that has been on Glass since the beginning.

According to Glass support Twitter is no longer developing their Glass app. This was one of my favorite and most used apps on Glass. If you remove Twitter from your Glass it disappears from Glassware and there is no option to reinstall it.

If you glance over at the Glassware section of MyGlass you will notice Twitter is no longer mentioned. The only way you can find it is if you have it already installed and if you do it will show up in your Active Glassware. Although it will show up in Active Glassware, it lacks a picture and the description states

This Glassware has not been reviewed by Google.

If a large social media company drops support for its Glassware, that could lead to speculation that they don’t have as much faith in Glass as we do. I use this app everyday and hate to see it go. Hopefully a Glass Developer will make a third-party application soon to take over as the new Twitter client for Glass.

How do you feel about Twitter no longer continuing to support its app?

Source: Reddit

Find parking spaces on Glass with CitySpot

Everybody has run into the car parking predicament where you circle around the same block over and over again to find an open spot. CitySpot tries to combat this vicious cycle by letting your Google Glass find a parking spot for you. Continue reading “Find parking spaces on Glass with CitySpot”

ViewTube brings full-fledged YouTube experience to Glass

Google seems to refresh the Glassware catalog every week and this morning we have received – ViewTube. ViewTube for Glass is a full YouTube app that has many neat tricks up its sleeve.

Previously, without any installations you could say “Ok Glass, Google YouTube ‘Cat Videos'” and it would pull up relevant matches. This time around ViewTube, once installed let’s you listen to YouTube videos and have them run in the background while you interact with Glass.

Search for YouTube content and view it directly on Glass as well as listen to content while multitasking with other Glassware. With ViewTube, you can continue listening to content in the background while interacting with other Glassware by simply swiping away from ViewTube. The seamless experience allows one to return from listening to viewing content by moving back to ViewTube at anytime. Other features supported in ViewTube are controls for fast forward, rewind and pause.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 10.40.09 AM

Noted in the description above is the ability to control the YouTube videos by fast forwarding, rewinding, and pausing videos.

All of those control features are great however, I have to say that the ability to have videos run in the background while you can use the device for other tasks is the core feature for me to install this app.

YouTube has become a large portion of my free-time and I know that ViewTube will become very useful for me while using Glass. What do you think about this fully functional YouTube app for Glass?

Download: ViewTube on MyGlass

Glassware Review: Pandora Internet Radio

When Pandora released their Glassware a couple weeks ago, I was ecstatic — it’s nice to finally see some variety in the music stream department of MyGlass. Don’t get me wrong, I love using Google Play Music on Glass, but not everyone enjoys Google Play Music as much as I do. I have to admit, I really enjoy using Pandora on Glass, especially how fast and responsive the app is. I highly recommend downloading Pandora for Glass, especially if you’re a music junkie like I am!

Once you have Pandora for Glass installed, you can launch the app in two ways: through the Glassware menu, or using the “Listen to/with Pandora” voice command.

Glassware Menu:

2014-09-04 (1)

2014-09-04 (3)

2014-09-04 (2)

As shown above, once you tap on “Pandora”, you have the option to either create a new station using Glass’ voice input feature, or select a pre-made radio station in which this case for me is “Pierce The Veil Radio”.

Voice Command Method:

2014-09-04 (4)


2014-09-04 (5)

2014-09-04 (7)

2014-09-04 (6)


2014-09-04 (8)

2014-09-04 (9)

2014-09-04 (10)


As shown above, once you say “Okay, glass, Listen to/with… Pandora”, you can follow the prompt to create a station. After Glass registers your query, Pandora will begin creating/searching your radio station. Then, you can control the station, using similar player controls like Google Play Music, and you can use the infamous Thumb Up/Down menu option.

Like I said before, I highly recommend this application, especially on my way to class, work, or even just to study with.

Glass short film “Captions” breaks language barriers

Google Glass is quite useful while travelling because you have the ability to translate words into a foreign language to decipher your surroundings. Captions is taking translation on Glass to a whole new level with its immersive live translation abilities.

The Captions team released a phenomenal short film showing the possibilities the application has on Google Glass. This beautiful short film truly touched me and left me wanting to see an entire movie based off of the 5-minute short.

The short film is described as:

A branded content short film for a Google Glass app, “Captions” ( follows a young traveling photographer who encounters a life-or-death situation – an orphan in the desert bitten by a snake with no ability to help himself to safety.

Yes, you probably won’t be saving lives with this app but it shows the potential that is there for this application. It allows users to understand different languages with text on the display from Glass by only listening to the other person speaking. This video is a great representation of the applications Glass should have and with time we can expect to see more.

Have you ever watched a foreign movie? If you have, the experience of subtitles should be a familiar one. Text is shown in an unobtrusive location as characters interact to help viewers understand what is happening. At its core, Captions is an augmented reality application that brings this experience to everyday life. Speech is live translated and displayed on a platform like Google Glass for people to understand, naturally extending communication by augmenting human vision.

You can visit the Captions site to stay up-to-date with the Glass app along with more information on the team behind this app.

Steam music with Pandora Radio for Glass

Thus far Google Play Music has been the sole music streaming app for Google Glass until today. Google Glass posted to Google+ Wednesday morning announcing the launch of Pandora Internet Radio for Glass.

♪♫ Please don’t stop the music ♫♪

Jump to one of your favorite music channels or start a new one if the mood strikes you. +Pandora‘s bringing the music you love to Glass. Name a favorite song, artist or composer and get the party started. Head over to the MyGlass app or website to get it on Glass now:

Thumb up or down music on Pandora for Glass

Now available in the Glassware catalog is Pandora, the music streaming service which suggests music to match your taste. Pandora has been around on every platform imaginable for quite a long time and now it is launching on Google’s wearable computer.

You can now access existing music channels or start a new one on Glass with just your voice. This version of the app also brings Pandora’s infamous thumbs up and down rating system.

I am glad Google is integrating more music apps into the Glassware catalog and I would love to see Spotify available next. Will you use Pandora on Glass? Let us know in the comments!

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IFTTT Glassware Redefines Efficiency on Glass

Efficiency is priority when it comes to most Google Glass users. The ability to send, share, reply, and view various messages and actions without using your hands raises the expectation of efficiency. However, some vital apps are run only on your phone or computer, necessitating you ruining the hands-free experience to check for notifications from these apps or websites.

IFTTT (“If This Then That”) is an incredibly useful app to get notifications you need on Glass. Whether you want daily reminders or notifications for non-Hangouts messages, nearly everyone can find a use for this Glassware.

How it works

IFTTT comes in website, mobile app, and Glassware form. On the website or mobile app, you can choose various “triggers” from channels (other apps, websites, or sources). These triggers are the “If this” statement. The “then this” portion is the action. For example, a popular recipe is “If I change my Instagram profile picture, change my Twitter profile picture”. In this case, the trigger is the Instagram picture, the action is the Twitter picture, the channels being Twitter and Instagram.


Certain channels have various triggers/actions they can use. Unfortunately, Glass only has one action, and no triggers. This doesn’t, however, limit the usefulness of IFTTT as Glassware.

For my example, I set up a recipe so if I take a picture on my Android phone, I get a notification on Glass and I’m shown the picture. Here’s what the card looked like.



You can also receive our latest posts directly on Glass via the IFTTT app for Glass. If you want to get that set up visit the recipe page.


IFTTT is an important tool for maximizing efficiency, just as Google Glass is. When combined to do hundreds of different available tasks, you’ll really get the most out of your Glass unit with this mighty app.

Download: IFTTT Glassware


“Star Chart” for Glass brings new wonder to stargazing

Gazing up at the stars has, for years, has left people in awe. Being able to point up at a constellation, confident that you know it’s name, the stars that compose it, and it’s distance, is an experience like no other. Whether you’re in a city and can see only a handful of stars, or away from all the hustle and bustle where you can the Milk Way in its entirety, “Star Chart” Glassware will bring you a whole new level of stellar knowledge without taking away the wonder.

This wonderful app by Google will bring a map of the stars overhead to your Glass, displaying useful information about the stars above you. It’s packed with useful features and simple usage that will make you fall in love with the night sky again.


To start your adventure, say “ok glass” and “Explore the stars”. You’ll be greeted by a loading screen with a ringed planet. Following, you’ll be brought to a beautiful chart of the stars, based on where you’re looking. The horizon is marked with a thin red line which you can use to tell non-Glass wearers where to look. Constellations are connected and, when looked at, are presented with an illustration of their name-sake, based on artwork by 17th century astronomer Johannes Hevelius.

Hold your gaze on a star for a while, and the name and constellation of that star/planet will be shown. Hold it even further for more information, including classification, distance, and visibility.


The app recognizes all 88 constellations, all visible stars from the northern and southern hemispheres, all the planets of the solar system, the moon, the sun, and Pluto.


When you tap the star chart, you’re shown three settings options.



  • Night Mode/Day Mode: This toggles the awesome-looking night mode, replacing all the colors with red so as not to distract from the night sky.


  • Show Grid: Shows the spherical grid that will help locate the position of constellations, stars, and planets.
  • Don’t Read Aloud: While narration is useful, sometimes you just need to enjoy the view above you in silence.


“Star Chart” is a simply flawless piece of Glassware that helps open your eyes to the hidden beauty in something you’ve been seeing for years. Whether you’re looking for new knowledge to impress those around you or to simply get to know the sky above you a little better, everyone can find a use for this fantastic app.

Install Star Chart