Google Glass Fans is back, and here’s to an exciting 2015!

It’s been a while, friends. I remember when I started SelfScreens (a site broadly aimed at covering wearables) right around the announcement of Google Glass, trying to foresee the coming and impending wave of wearable technology. I probably did some of my best writing to this date when I launched that site because I was so passionate about the idea of wearable technology—and it still astounds me how much potential this upcoming market has. But not long after, I decided I needed to specialize. I needed to focus on one thing. And Glass is what excited me the most.

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Google Glass Wishlist: Q3 2014

I was reading through the Glass Explorers community on Google+ as I do everyday and I stumbled upon a post that grabbed my attention. It was a Google Glass Wishlist for Q3 of 2014 by Explorer Keith I Myers. I am here to discuss Keith’s wishlist and also what I would like to see with Glass during Q3. Below is Keith’s list of improvements that Google can make for Glass to help it succeed. Do you agree with his thoughts?

I have been using +Google Glass for well over a year and am for the most part quite happy with the possibilities that this form factor opens us up to. With this said, I have a short Wish List of some features I would love to see added. 

Material Design – I like the current Google Glass UI, it is clean and works well. However after seeing the demo of Material Design at Google IO, I fell in love and was blown away when I got my LG G Watch. I would love to see Material Design creep its way onto Glass.

Mirror API Access – I would love to see this opened up in the same way other Google APIs are. There is currently a 1000 daily limit and requesting more requires application approval. I understand approving applications that are listed on the Glassware page but I fail to understand these limits for Glassware that are not listed. 

Expanded Camera Functions – Glass is essentially a Nexus device and it actually has one of the best performing cameras of all of the Nexus phones. I would love to see native panorama, lens blur and photosphere support added to Glass. (I know that Google+ Auto Awsome helps with panorama) 

*Compose” – I would love to see an option to compose an E-Mail or Google Plus post without the need to send a photo along with it. 

Google Goggles – This has been a long time coming. We need Google Goggles support.

Expanded Bluetooth Functions –  I would love to be able to connect Glass to A2DP bluetooth devices such as the car stereo or Bluetooth Headphones to allow music streaming from Glass. When driving, Glass’s hands free “Listen To” would be perfect for long road trips. This also leaves the USB port open to keep Glass charged. 

Performance – Many users who have the older version of Glass report that their devices are pretty much unusable due to the lag. I also had this problem. Ever since Kit Kat was pushed to Glass, performance has taken a step back. I would hope that performance improves on the older XE-C models of Glass. 

Toggles – When I am on the road, there is no need for Glass to scan for WiFi. This has a small impact on battery life.

The list Myers provided is a fantastic representation of the features many Explorers would like to see added to Google’s wearable device. Below will be my personal list of things I would like Google to address for Glass during Q3.

Native Chromecast Mirroring – Using the built in Screencast feature in MyGlass is helpful for demoing Glass to a small group of people, however for larger audiences being able to natively cast the Glass display to a Chromecast would be helpful.

Integrated Accessory Slots in Pouch – One request I hear a lot from new and veteran Explorers is how we all want a place to put our pricey accessories in the same pouch we carry Glass in. After receiving many replacement Glass units I have collected over 4 pouches and I use them solely to hold accessories. The case included with the Titanium frames is also great for keeping accessories safe from damage however it would be nice to have a dedicated slot for all of these Glass add-ons.

More Opportunities for Voice Input – Google Glass is supposed to be a hands-free device, however this clearly isn’t true when I have to use my finger to navigate the Glass timeline for many options. Things like navigating to the Settings Bundle or favoriting a tweet could be a lot quicker if I could speak it out like I do for the “Ok, Glass” menu.

Do you agree with the lists Keith and I made? Have a feature you would like to see added? Let us know in the comments!

Ok Glass, fix the foil issues

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Why you shouldn’t bring Google Glass to a bullfight

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Opinion: Google Glass is going to change humanity

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