Google’s ‘Project Aura’ could be the beginnings of the next Glass

According to Business Insider’s Jillian D’Onfro, Google is calling its revamped Glass “Project Aura”…

Google is working on a new wearable technology effort known as Project Aura and is hiring consumer electronics experts from Amazon’s secretive Lab126 to jump-start the new group.

Project Aura appears to have gotten started in June and is focused on reviving Google’s troubled Glass computer eyeglasses, as well as accelerating Google’s efforts to develop related wearable technology.

As I reported previously, Google is hard at work on the next consumer-facing Glass-like product. I heard from a little birdie that Google wanted to move away from the “Glass” moniker for the next release, and this pretty much confirms it.


Hey, so what’s the word on a consumer Google Glass release?

If you’ve been following a lot of my reporting lately, you know that Google is planning to bring the next major hardware revision of Google Glass to the enterprise. From what I’ve heard from multiple people, it’s going to be a pretty nice incremental improvement over the Explorer Edition we all know and love (or hate, now that it’s basically useless and has no developer support)…

But while Google said in February of 2013 that it was hoping to bring Glass to retail by the end of that calendar year, it did no such thing. In fact, later that year the company also went on to claim that Glass would come to consumers in 2014 (which it never did). People eventually gave up on the device, calling it “dead,” assuming it got the same treatment countless other Google products have.

But that’s just simply not what happened. Google started retooling Glass for the workplace at some point in the latter part of 2014, and has been working on bringing that device to the enterprise since. It’s being called Enterprise Edition internally, and from what I’ve heard, it’s coming sooner rather than later. The WSJ reported this last year. And it’s happening.

“But what about us consumers?”… Continue reading “Hey, so what’s the word on a consumer Google Glass release?”

Casey Neistat reviews Google Glass

One of my favorite youtubers, Casey Neistat, offers a comprehensive review of Google Glass as only he can.  The entire review (movie) is shot with Glass as he travels to Barcelona and London.  He uses a mirror to provide commentary as he discusses his thoughts on filming with the camera, battery life, and fashion appeal.  Many Glass Explorers might relate to the barrage of “Is that Google Glass?” questions you see Casey receive in the beginning of the review.  Check out the video, and be sure to visit his youtube channel using the link below!

CaseyNeistat YouTube Channel

Glass completes transition to Google Play Store

We reported last month that Google placed Glass into the US Google Play Store as well as keeping it available in the Glass specific shop. Today it seems that Google has completed its transition to the Play Store by full eliminating the Glass-only store that has been used since the beginning of the Explorer Program.

Now when you click Shop on the MyGlass page or visit the following link, you will now be automatically redirected to the Glass page of the Google Play Store.

The Google Play Store is home to all of Google’s mainstream products which makes us believe that Glass is now considered that caliber of product. However with the many flaws of this beta device, we still expect a consumer version of Glass with the flaws fixed to launch later this year.

Do you consider Glass a retail product? Drop us a comment and let us know.


Android Wear notifications come to Google Glass in XE22.0

Google quietly just released an update to Glass as well as an instructional video to the Glass YouTube channel regarding the ability to receive Android notifications on Glass. They call this feature Notification Sync and it is only available on Android at this time.

Demonstrated in this tutorial style video is the process of setting Notification Sync up and what actions happen once enabled. This allows for endless possibilities such as receiving an alert from a third-party messaging app or getting real-time Ingress portal updates.

Notification Sync has a few tricks up its sleeve. These being the ability to mute certain apps as well as a new card within each notification to easily open it up on your Android phone. If you have an Android Wear device this should sound very familiar to the experience you are receiving on your wrist.

This feature alone is what the sole premise of Android Wear and now that Glass is receiving this skill, Glass may have the lead in Google’s wearable selection.

To enable this feature you will need Google’s newly released XE22.0 update on your Glass as well as MyGlass 3.3.0 for Android. To learn more about all that Notification Sync can do visit the Notifications section in Glass Help.

The only other feature in this update is to have the choice between multiple routes for Google Maps Navigation.

The Google Glass XE22 update is rolling out this week and the MyGlass update is coming Wednesday, October 15th.

Source: Glass G+ UpdateXE22 Release Notes

Google Glass + Android Wear merge allegedly confirmed

Google quietly released an update to the software running on the Explorer Edition of Google Glass. This bumps the version to XE21.3 from the previous XE21. It is a very small update aimed towards iPhone users since it has added the Photo Sync functionality to the MyGlass app. This immediately syncs photos taken on Glass to the connected iPhone via the MyGlass app.

Our beloved Glass update tinkerer Brian Buquoi looked through the source files in this incremental update to find some relatively important information. Deep inside this update Brian found only one new APK (Android Application Package). and the name of this file is MyGlassWear.apk which is in the priv-app directory. This file was not present in the previous update XE21 which makes me believe this merge is slowly being implemented.

This file gives us a good idea that Glass and Android Wear will merge at some point in the future, however until it has been announced we can’t be completely certain on this topic.

Would you enjoy a merge between the two operating systems or would you like them to remain separated? Let us know in the comments.

Update: Google quietly approves the use of Glass in Canada

Google is slowly allowing Glass to reach other countries and recently has been making the stride even quicker. Google first launched Glass exclusively in the US then this summer launched it in the UK and now quietly revealed the plans for releasing Glass in Canada.

Brian Buquoi, a Glass Explorer who received a replacement Glass today and found a unique card on top of the pouch included with Glass. This card has official regulatory information for Google Glass in Canada.


Noted on this card is that Glass has been approved by Industry Canada (IC) and that you should keep this card with your Glass unit. You can also find IC registration in the Regulatory Info card in the Settings bundle on Glass.

This is a very large step for both Google Glass and Canada since it has been one of the most requested countries to receive Mountain View’s wearable device. We should be hopefully hearing an official sometime in the near future.

Update: Brian also has a screenshot of the Regulatory Info card found on Glass since Google’s latest XE21 update. The file name is “regulatory_info_canada.png”.


Learn to play an instrument with the new “Chords” app on MyGlass

Google just approved another Glassware on MyGlass called, “Chords” from Glass Explorer/Developer Tejas Lagvankar.

This simple application for Glass can help you learn Major and Minor chords, and if you are a vocalist (singer), you can use the application as a pitch finder .

You can activate this Glassware using the command, “Ok, Glass, Learn an instrument” and say what chord you want to learn :chords-gif1

You can also the Glassware app from the “Ok, Glass” menu to launch it manually, once you selected the Glassware, you can select which chord you want to learn:


Tejas Lagvankar also noted, this only the first release. He promises through upcoming updates, users will be able select different instruments. If you are a musician like myself, I would highly recommend you downloading this Glassware on MyGlass!

Download: Chords

Update: Small hidden timeline feature implemented in XE21

The latest Glass update XE21 seems to be hitting Glass all over today. I just received the update to one of my devices and I have been playing around with it this morning.

For those wondering what was included in this update, here is a brief overview. XE21 brought a Developer Settings bundle to settings if activated and a few small additions such as quicker updates to sports. You can activate Dev Settings by turning on Turn on Debug in the Settings bundle and then you should see it in the Settings bundle.

We are here to show you a small unannounced feature in this new update. This small little feature was found by Zack Freedman, Thursday afternoon.

You know that when you swipe a long distance in a short amount of time on the touchpad while on the timeline? You get the zoomed out card view for faster navigation through the timeline. With this ability you had to be swiping first and then it would zoom out.

Now in XE21 you can start swiping with two fingers to zoom out first and then quickly navigate through the timeline.

Try this cool new feature out and be sure to show your appreciation towards Zack for finding this neat little feature!

Update: Zack pointed out to me that not only does this work on the timeline but in any app with a cards layout. He says try Star Chart for a “neat bug”.

XE21.0 brings quicker card updates for Google Now, and Waze integration

Google is dropping a small update for Glass Explorers with XE21.0.   This release only brings two updates, which include:

Google Now: Quicker updates for flights and sports – Updates to flight information and sports scores will refresh faster than in previous versions.



Waze information in navigation – Waze accident indicators will appear on navigation routes to help you plan your route more effectively.


Like all new XE releases, this release may take a week to be rolled out to your device, so please be patient.

What do you think of these new features? Let us know in the comments!

Source:  Release Notes