“Star Chart” for Glass brings new wonder to stargazing

Gazing up at the stars has, for years, has left people in awe. Being able to point up at a constellation, confident that you know it’s name, the stars that compose it, and it’s distance, is an experience like no other. Whether you’re in a city and can see only a handful of stars, or away from all the hustle and bustle where you can the Milk Way in its entirety, “Star Chart” Glassware will bring you a whole new level of stellar knowledge without taking away the wonder.

This wonderful app by Google will bring a map of the stars overhead to your Glass, displaying useful information about the stars above you. It’s packed with useful features and simple usage that will make you fall in love with the night sky again.


To start your adventure, say “ok glass” and “Explore the stars”. You’ll be greeted by a loading screen with a ringed planet. Following, you’ll be brought to a beautiful chart of the stars, based on where you’re looking. The horizon is marked with a thin red line which you can use to tell non-Glass wearers where to look. Constellations are connected and, when looked at, are presented with an illustration of their name-sake, based on artwork by 17th century astronomer Johannes Hevelius.

Hold your gaze on a star for a while, and the name and constellation of that star/planet will be shown. Hold it even further for more information, including classification, distance, and visibility.


The app recognizes all 88 constellations, all visible stars from the northern and southern hemispheres, all the planets of the solar system, the moon, the sun, and Pluto.


When you tap the star chart, you’re shown three settings options.



  • Night Mode/Day Mode: This toggles the awesome-looking night mode, replacing all the colors with red so as not to distract from the night sky.


  • Show Grid: Shows the spherical grid that will help locate the position of constellations, stars, and planets.
  • Don’t Read Aloud: While narration is useful, sometimes you just need to enjoy the view above you in silence.


“Star Chart” is a simply flawless piece of Glassware that helps open your eyes to the hidden beauty in something you’ve been seeing for years. Whether you’re looking for new knowledge to impress those around you or to simply get to know the sky above you a little better, everyone can find a use for this fantastic app.

Install Star Chart

Procrastination gets easier with Monocle for Reddit Glassware

For some, Reddit is a website for funny pictures, news, and cats. For many more, Reddit is where free time comes to die. So why not put it in front of your face at all times?

While it may seem like a bad idea, Glassware “Monocle for Reddit” is actually a wonderful tool to keep you updated without overstimulation. Monocle will push Reddit posts to your Glass timeline, which may be a new experience for those only accustomed to apps utilising the “ok glass” menu. However, if you’re looking for a Reddit experience like you have on your computer, browsing for hours on end, this is not the app for you.

What to Expect

Monocle for Reddit is designed to give you a small taste of the current top posts. It works by pulling the top post every hour  in each subreddit you’re subscribed to. Again, this prevents using for hours on end scrolling through posts. While some may dislike this, it’s a better match for Google Glass, where each task’s theme is generally brevity.



The posts are shown on your timeline, where you can swipe to scroll through. When viewing a post from here, the title is shown on one half of the screen while the image “thumbnail” takes up the space unoccupied.

By tapping this title/thumbnail card, your selections include

  • View website: This will open the link and allow you to view the full post. The link is displayed below this, and can be imgur, youtube, a news site, etc.
  • Upvote: Will upvote the post, pushing this card to the most recent position in your timeline and also hiding the “upvote” button so you don’t try to do it twice.
  • Downvote: Will downvote the post, pushing this card to the most recent position in your timeline and also hiding the “downvote” button so you don’t try to do it twice.


Monocle for Reddit is an incredible tool for its intended usage: very brief Reddit updates. If you expect this app to give you anymore than that, you will be left disappointed. Hopefully we’ll see the ability to save, comment, and share Reddit posts in the near future with this app, but for the time being this app does more than enough to give you your “quick fix” of humour and cats.

Install Monocle for Reddit


RedLaser barcode scanning and shopping app lands on Google Glass

The eBay-owned app RedLaser has today officially launched on Google Glass. With the “OK Glass” voice command, you can use the new app to quickly price check products you see on the shelf or those that you already own. But the app doesn’t stop there — it also lets you find products nearby.

There are two main commands in this app:

  • Saying “OK Glass, scan a barcode” gives you an interface to align the barcode. You’ll get a screen with the best online and nearby prices, next to an image of the product you’re searching for.
  • Saying “OK Glass, find a product” will give you a voice prompt to search for a product. This will give you the same kind of information, and will also provide directions for buying the product at nearby brick-and-mortar stores.

As seen on the app’s Glassware directory listing:

The leading shopping and price comparison app that helps +30 million users to shop smarter is now available on Glass – turning you into the ultimate shopper! With RedLaser for Glass you will be able to easily compare prices of thousands of online and local retailers just by scanning a product’s barcode right from your Glass. Ask Glass to find a product to quickly locate available stores, navigate to a nearby local store or even purchase online by sending yourself an email notification to complete the transaction on any mobile device or PC you own.

You can get RedLaser for Google Glass for free.

New TweetCinema Glassware in development provides heads-up Twitter trends

Have a first date or perhaps an important meeting with somebody that you want to impress? Stay up-to-date with all the latest trends and current events with a new social intelligence app called TweetCinema.

You’ll know exactly whats happening in the world in 10 seconds with images and trends names lightening fast in real time.

Previously just an iOS and Android app, TweetCinema has now been developed for Google Glass — giving the user small but useful tidbits of trending topics right in the heads-up display. At a glance you can be caught up with current events on Glass.


Creator of the new Glassware posted some information about the app on Reddit to which they state this is only the first version of the app. As time progresses we should see improvements and tweaks that make this app more polished. Until then, if you want to download the app hit up the Reddit source link below.

I just finished coding this real time app that visually shows you trends in real time as they happen – think of it as a way to get the news rapidly in photos in a few seconds right in your eye… I used it like before i hang out with friends or before going to bar trivia, or even a meeting just so I know a quick visual recap of the current events happening right that second – in other words – increase my social intelligence!

Since this is not an official Glassware, you will have to sideload the app onto Glass. If you haven’t sideloaded before or need clarification check out of guides for both Mac and Windows. You can download the app via the TweetCinema website.

Sources: Reddit, TweetCinema

Watch the Coronation of Felipe VI through Google Glass

A new app called TVE for Glass enables you to watch four different television channels, all owned by RTVE group.  RTVE is a state-owned public corporation that manages public radio and television in Spain — they recently collaborated with Droiders to create the TVE app for Google Glass.  Furthermore, the TVE app has been released just in time for the coronation of Felipe VI, King of Spain.  So, if you are interested in watching the coronation of Felipe VI and own Glass, you’re in luck!  Now you can watch this historic event live using this new app. Head over to this AppSpot page to get the TVE app.

Source: Droiders
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Race Yourself app for Google Glass wins UK design award

An app called Race Yourself has been named as the best “Fitness, Nutrition & Diet” app at the UK Mobile & App Design Awards in London. The Google Glass version of the app, which is also on platforms such as iOS and Android, allows users to race against themselves to try and achieve better and better times. The app, additionally, incorporates a bit of augmented reality magic, letting you do super cool things like dodging boulders and zombies. And, as goes with most apps these days, there’s a social element that lets you do a little more than just race yourself. Head over to the app’s site to sign up for the beta.

via Glass Alamanac

Vibrand is a product discovery app for Google Glass

APIs are emerging from current software development for web applications. The trick to accelerating the adoption of APIs and reaping the massive value they can create has been convincing skeptics, and APIs have been proven over and over to be a transformative force. Continue reading “Vibrand is a product discovery app for Google Glass”

Sign for Glass: Glassware teaches you American Sign Language on the daily

A new piece of Glassware by the name of Sign for Glass from the +Chara Kelley and the GPOP team was announced today, bringing you a quick and easy way to learn American Sign Language one word at a time. Continue reading “Sign for Glass: Glassware teaches you American Sign Language on the daily”

Concur for Glass archives your receipts, sends them to your Concur account

If you’re an avid user of Concur’s “Expense” service, you’re going to love this app. And if you’re not, this app might just make you a new customer. Concur for Glass makes it easy to archive each and every one of your expense receipts, and sends them to your Concur account for easy organizing later. Continue reading “Concur for Glass archives your receipts, sends them to your Concur account”

How to: Sideload Google Glass apps using ADB on Windows

Every day it seems there are more and more awesome apps being released by developers, but many are not – and may never be – listed as official Glassware by Google . So how exactly does one sideload an app to Google Glass using Windows? Installing–or “sideloading” as it is more commonly referred to–an app may seem like a daunting task to those who have not done it before, but it’s a pretty simple process provided a little care is taken and you have some amount of familiarity with basic Windows commands. Today, I will be providing you with the steps needed in order to successfully sideload an app onto Google Glass using Windows. Continue reading “How to: Sideload Google Glass apps using ADB on Windows”