Video: Quick look at the ‘Notification glance’ feature in XE17.3

Google introduced the XE 17.3 update a couple of days ago, and with it came one major feature dubbed “Notification glance.” Basically, instead of nodding your head up to check notifications (and breaking your neck after doing this 500 times in one day), you can now just move your eyeballs to look at the screen. Continue reading “Video: Quick look at the ‘Notification glance’ feature in XE17.3”

Opinion: Google Glass is going to change humanity

Yep, that’s what I said and here’s why I believe it. We have become a cell phone obsessed society. Walk into any mall or restaurant in America and what do you see? People disconnected from the human beings that surround them in favor of the digital humans they interact with via their phones–be it a text message, checking their Facebook or taking a selfie for Pinterest. Google Glass will give us back that lost bit of our humanity. Continue reading “Opinion: Google Glass is going to change humanity”

Google Glass is now available to everyone (Updated: nope)

Google Glass is currently available to anyone in the US that is willing to lay down $1,500 for the device. With no official word from Google, it’s unclear whether or not this is a bug in the Glass checkout system, or else a real decision. Regardless, some are having success in ordering the device.

Continue reading “Google Glass is now available to everyone (Updated: nope)”

Google launches free Glass Home Try-On Program for potential Explorers

Want to get your hands on Google Glass and see what you look like without having to spend $1500 for a pair? Google is making it much easier for people to see what Glass looks like on them with the launch of a new home try-on program. This program is centered around helping potential Explorers find what color and frame style they want before they fork over money. Continue reading “Google launches free Glass Home Try-On Program for potential Explorers”

Are you buying Google Glass tomorrow?

Google recently announced (and heavily advertised) that it will be extending its Explorer program to make the hit head-mounted wearable computer available to the masses tomorrow, April 15th. This offer will be open for one day only, but who should really take advantage of this offer? Will you? Continue reading “Are you buying Google Glass tomorrow?”

Google posts new video “I Am an Explorer”

Google today announced that it will be opening up the Explorer program to the public for a very short time come this April 15th, but they also released a new video touting the fact that Google Glass Explorers come from all walks of life. Hit the break for the video. Continue reading “Google posts new video “I Am an Explorer””

Google Glass to go on sale for one day

Update: It’s happening! Google has confirmed via Google+ that the sale will actually take place on April 15! If you’re interested, be ready to pay $1,500 to become an Explorer at last!

The next phase of the Glass Explorer program is about to get underway, according to various slides obtained and reported upon by The Verge. If their information is accurate, Google will offer Glass to the public for one day at the full $1,500 price that other members of the Explorer program paid. Continue reading “Google Glass to go on sale for one day”