Wink Optometry and Optometrix offices now selling Google Glass

One of the early gripes with the launch of the Google Glass Explorer program was the lack of prescription frames for those who require them. Back in January, Google announced the Titanium Collection of frames which you could only buy directly from Google. Now a couple optometrist offices in Southern California are allowing you to purchase Glass itself, and will provide you your choice of any of the available frames for free. Continue reading “Wink Optometry and Optometrix offices now selling Google Glass”

Glassware Roundup: 5+ necessary travel apps for Google Glass

Roman Payne once said “I wandered everywhere, through cities and countries wide. And everywhere I went, the world was on my side.” This is exactly what Google wants each one of us to feel like with Google Glass. This amazing new piece of technology that has given Explorers the opportunity to shape the future of Glass has been used across continents and this is only the beginning.

Google, businesses, and Explorers are pushing the boundaries of how technology can be used without it getting in the way. Yes, you have access to Google search, navigation and a camera on Google Glass to take pictures and videos through Glass but that’s only a needle in the haystack. There is a lot more you can do with Glass when you’re exploring the world. Continue reading “Glassware Roundup: 5+ necessary travel apps for Google Glass”

Glass Accessory In-Depth: Split Frames

Google announced the Titanium collection of prescription frames for Google Glass back in end of January, and this was to allow those who require glasses to use Glass with ease. We just got our hands on a pair of the Split frames so let us get started analyzing them in-depth.

Continue reading “Glass Accessory In-Depth: Split Frames”

Google Glass is now in public beta, available to everyone

Google announced today on its official Google Glass Google+ page that Glass is now available to anyone that wants to buy it. The previous terms of the explorer program are still in effect, and this deal is subject to availability. Continue reading “Google Glass is now in public beta, available to everyone”

Glass Store updated, lets you schedule a visit to a Glass Basecamp

Google just updated the Glass Store once again, this time with a completely new feature – Visit Glass Basecamp. Before this you were only able to visit the Basecamps for your Glass pickup or for certain special events. Continue reading “Glass Store updated, lets you schedule a visit to a Glass Basecamp”

KitKat for Glass coming later this week

KitKat for Google Glass has been officially announced, and it’s coming later this week. Included in this update are various under-the-hood changes, as well as user-facing features and enhancements. The update is officially XE16, and is based on Android 4.4. Continue reading “KitKat for Glass coming later this week”

Google Glass to go on sale for one day

Update: It’s happening! Google has confirmed via Google+ that the sale will actually take place on April 15! If you’re interested, be ready to pay $1,500 to become an Explorer at last!

The next phase of the Glass Explorer program is about to get underway, according to various slides obtained and reported upon by The Verge. If their information is accurate, Google will offer Glass to the public for one day at the full $1,500 price that other members of the Explorer program paid. Continue reading “Google Glass to go on sale for one day”

Create timelapses on Google Glass with Timelapse Glass

The fine folks over at Digitas Labs Paris designed and developed Timelapse Glass specifically for Google’s wearable device. They wanted to give people the ability to record a POV timelapse easily and efficiently, and that they did with this great app. Head after the break for more information. Continue reading “Create timelapses on Google Glass with Timelapse Glass”

Google gives the Glass Shop a fresh redesign

Up to this point, Google Glass and its accessories were all laid out on a single webpage. But now thanks to the new fresh design on the Glass Shop, it will be much easier to navigate the your way around. Google added some great new features to let Glass Explorers purchase accessories effortlessly. Continue reading “Google gives the Glass Shop a fresh redesign”