The next Google Glass is internally called ‘Enterprise Edition’

Myself, reporting for 9to5Google:

As we reported earlier this year, there are many different prototypes of a future Glass hardware revision being tested within some Glass for Work startups. We’ve come to learn from people familiar with the matter that the next hardware is being referred to by Google internally as “Enterprise Edition” or “Google Glass EE” (If you remember, Explorer Edition was referred to as “Google Glass XE”)…

As a consumer, I’m bummed. As a Glass fanboy, I’m so excited.

Google Glass unit continues to stir as business operations head Chris O’Neill likely planning departure

Earlier this year 9to5Google wrote that several notable engineers on the Google Glass project had rotated to work elsewhere in Google, but today we have word of yet another shakeup—this time suggesting that some even bigger changes are in the making. Sources familiar with the situation have informed us that Chris O’Neill, the former Managing Director of Google Canada and current head of Google Glass business operations, is likely planning to make a move away from the smartglass unit… Continue reading “Google Glass unit continues to stir as business operations head Chris O’Neill likely planning departure”

Google is paying select Explorers for research on Glass

Google has found many different and unique ways to receive feedback from Explorers. This time however this is the first we are seeing them pay people for their feedback on Glass.

Select Explorers in the Bay Area have received an email invitation from Google for an in-person user experience study in Mountain View next week. Thanks to selected Explorer Sharon Bacani we are able to see what the email looks like.

Glass Research


What stood out to me the most was the last sentence of the first paragraph.

 You’ll be compensated with a $250 gift card as a thank you for your in-person time.

Prior to this Google only sent out online feedback forms with nothing in return and now they are inviting a selected few to Googleplex with a $250 gift card which I am assuming is towards Google Play. If those who were sent an email want to participate they will have to complete a 5-minute survey and Google will follow up if you’re selected.

Explorer Ian Fijolek asked in the Glass Explorer community if this was a legitimate thing and the official Google Glass Google+ page responded with the following message.

Yup, this email is from us.
From time to time, we reach out to randomly selected groups of Explorers to get their feedback to help us improve Glass.

Have you received this email from Google? What do you think about Google paying Explorers for research? Let us know in the comments!

Google’s new patent gives Glass a simpler look

Google has recently patented multiple new designs for its wearable device, Glass. This new patent shows Glass as a very simplistic, balanced device. By balanced I am referring to the fact that it looks the same on both the right and left side of the device. Continue reading “Google’s new patent gives Glass a simpler look”

“Star Chart” for Glass brings new wonder to stargazing

Gazing up at the stars has, for years, has left people in awe. Being able to point up at a constellation, confident that you know it’s name, the stars that compose it, and it’s distance, is an experience like no other. Whether you’re in a city and can see only a handful of stars, or away from all the hustle and bustle where you can the Milk Way in its entirety, “Star Chart” Glassware will bring you a whole new level of stellar knowledge without taking away the wonder.

This wonderful app by Google will bring a map of the stars overhead to your Glass, displaying useful information about the stars above you. It’s packed with useful features and simple usage that will make you fall in love with the night sky again.


To start your adventure, say “ok glass” and “Explore the stars”. You’ll be greeted by a loading screen with a ringed planet. Following, you’ll be brought to a beautiful chart of the stars, based on where you’re looking. The horizon is marked with a thin red line which you can use to tell non-Glass wearers where to look. Constellations are connected and, when looked at, are presented with an illustration of their name-sake, based on artwork by 17th century astronomer Johannes Hevelius.

Hold your gaze on a star for a while, and the name and constellation of that star/planet will be shown. Hold it even further for more information, including classification, distance, and visibility.


The app recognizes all 88 constellations, all visible stars from the northern and southern hemispheres, all the planets of the solar system, the moon, the sun, and Pluto.


When you tap the star chart, you’re shown three settings options.



  • Night Mode/Day Mode: This toggles the awesome-looking night mode, replacing all the colors with red so as not to distract from the night sky.


  • Show Grid: Shows the spherical grid that will help locate the position of constellations, stars, and planets.
  • Don’t Read Aloud: While narration is useful, sometimes you just need to enjoy the view above you in silence.


“Star Chart” is a simply flawless piece of Glassware that helps open your eyes to the hidden beauty in something you’ve been seeing for years. Whether you’re looking for new knowledge to impress those around you or to simply get to know the sky above you a little better, everyone can find a use for this fantastic app.

Install Star Chart

Procrastination gets easier with Monocle for Reddit Glassware

For some, Reddit is a website for funny pictures, news, and cats. For many more, Reddit is where free time comes to die. So why not put it in front of your face at all times?

While it may seem like a bad idea, Glassware “Monocle for Reddit” is actually a wonderful tool to keep you updated without overstimulation. Monocle will push Reddit posts to your Glass timeline, which may be a new experience for those only accustomed to apps utilising the “ok glass” menu. However, if you’re looking for a Reddit experience like you have on your computer, browsing for hours on end, this is not the app for you.

What to Expect

Monocle for Reddit is designed to give you a small taste of the current top posts. It works by pulling the top post every hour  in each subreddit you’re subscribed to. Again, this prevents using for hours on end scrolling through posts. While some may dislike this, it’s a better match for Google Glass, where each task’s theme is generally brevity.



The posts are shown on your timeline, where you can swipe to scroll through. When viewing a post from here, the title is shown on one half of the screen while the image “thumbnail” takes up the space unoccupied.

By tapping this title/thumbnail card, your selections include

  • View website: This will open the link and allow you to view the full post. The link is displayed below this, and can be imgur, youtube, a news site, etc.
  • Upvote: Will upvote the post, pushing this card to the most recent position in your timeline and also hiding the “upvote” button so you don’t try to do it twice.
  • Downvote: Will downvote the post, pushing this card to the most recent position in your timeline and also hiding the “downvote” button so you don’t try to do it twice.


Monocle for Reddit is an incredible tool for its intended usage: very brief Reddit updates. If you expect this app to give you anymore than that, you will be left disappointed. Hopefully we’ll see the ability to save, comment, and share Reddit posts in the near future with this app, but for the time being this app does more than enough to give you your “quick fix” of humour and cats.

Install Monocle for Reddit


Glass patent reveals the future of customization

Recently published patent applications by Google regarding Glass could give a glimpse into the future of wearable tech conforming to your current style.

This application, published by the US Patent and Trademark Office, features a diagram of a dissected Glass unit and it’s modular design. It details connecting the computer and display portion of Glass to another frame, utilising an attaching hook, spring, and connector arm (detailed in the pictures below.) The structure and device module of Glass are configured for separation from the original support frame and attachment to a different, compatible structure. Features like these will allow proper installation to be simple and doable by the average consumer without running the risk of damaging the frames or frustrating the user.


Also revealed in the patent application was the use of adaptor arms to allow consumers to connect their own frames to a Glass unit. Further, these adaptor arms will have multiple configurations (in blueprint or CAD form) given in a hardware development kit for the user to swap out or design for their personal usage/style.

This option for customization will give Glass a huge leap in the eyes of a consumer seeking seamless integration of wearable tech into their lives.

Picture: smartwatchglass

Source/Diagram: patentlymobile

Google Glass gets a mention in Dilbert once again

Google Glass has received yet another subtle mention in the Dilbert comic strip, this time making reference to the few stories of Glass users getting assaulted simply for wearing the head-mounted computer. The subtle humor here with Dilbert’s shredded clothing is a nice touch.


Notably, this isn’t the first appearance of “Google Glasses” in the comic. The below was published in May of 2012:


We’ll keep an eye out for more Glass humor and let you know if we find some.

Source: Dilbert
via Glass Almanac

Vibrand is a product discovery app for Google Glass

APIs are emerging from current software development for web applications. The trick to accelerating the adoption of APIs and reaping the massive value they can create has been convincing skeptics, and APIs have been proven over and over to be a transformative force. Continue reading “Vibrand is a product discovery app for Google Glass”

Google Glass is now available to everyone (Updated: nope)

Google Glass is currently available to anyone in the US that is willing to lay down $1,500 for the device. With no official word from Google, it’s unclear whether or not this is a bug in the Glass checkout system, or else a real decision. Regardless, some are having success in ordering the device.

Continue reading “Google Glass is now available to everyone (Updated: nope)”