How to: Record Google Glass Screen using ADB

Back in September of last year, Google released XE9 which brought various features for Explorers. One of these features was the arrival of Vignettes. Vignettes superimpose a screenshot of your Glass display over a picture taken through Glass. Continue reading “How to: Record Google Glass Screen using ADB”

How to: Sideload Google Glass apps using ADB on Windows

Every day it seems there are more and more awesome apps being released by developers, but many are not – and may never be – listed as official Glassware by Google . So how exactly does one sideload an app to Google Glass using Windows? Installing–or “sideloading” as it is more commonly referred to–an app may seem like a daunting task to those who have not done it before, but it’s a pretty simple process provided a little care is taken and you have some amount of familiarity with basic Windows commands. Today, I will be providing you with the steps needed in order to successfully sideload an app onto Google Glass using Windows. Continue reading “How to: Sideload Google Glass apps using ADB on Windows”

Official Google Glass guide to not be a “Glasshole”

Official Google Glass guide to not be a “Glasshole”

Since the program started, our Explorers have gotten a lot of attention when they wear Glass out and about. Reactions range from the curious – “Wow! Are those the ‘Google glasses’? How do they work?” – to the suspect – “Goodness gracious do those things see into my soul?!” Luckily as the Explorer Community grows, so does their collective wisdom. We asked some long-time Explorers for their advice, and here it is:

Google just posted a guide on what to do with Glass and the things to avoid while wearing the face-mounted computer. They stated don’t be a rude “Glasshole”. I will definitely take some pointers from Google.