No ‘sacred cows’ when it comes to Glass redesign, says Fadell

According to a report from the Financial Times, (via 9to5Google):

While it was assumed that this would mean that Google was giving the project a restart (and, in fact, Google confirmed this to be the case during its Q4 earnings call), Tony Fadell has recently came out publicly to reiterate this point…

Tony is giving Glass a reboot, as we already knew, and that’s a big deal. Really important. And it will be exciting to see what this product guy brings to the table (when he manages to release a product).

Luxottica still working on Glass (frames?), next-generation coming ‘soon’

Manuela Mesco, reporting for The Wall Street Journal:

A new version of Google Glass is in the works and will be out soon, the chief executive of Italian eyewear maker Luxottica said Friday.

The partnership with the U.S. tech giant to build Glass—the Internet-connected eyewear—is going ahead, said Massimo Vian, speaking at the company’s general meeting in Milan, Italy.

Fantastic news, although it’s not really news. Glass 2.0 coming this year. Luxottica working on some frames as they did with last version. Not surprising.

I wrote more about this over at 9to5Google.

New Google Glass patent reveals a design consistent with 2.0 rumors

Me, writing for 9to5Google:

Sources familiar with at least one next-gen Google Glass prototype have told us that there was a version of the device being tested earlier this year that folds and looks a lot like a regular pair of glasses. While we’re not confident that this is the version or design of Google Glass that the company is moving forward with for the retail product, the above patent published yesterday, numbered D727,317, seems to depict a device that would fall pretty well in line with that description.

This is exciting. Sounds a lot like a device that I’ve heard about.

SMI’s Google Glass eye-tracking prototype is impressive

SMI has a really interesting demo of their eye-tracking accessory for Google Glass on YouTube. As per the company’s press release from last month:

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI), a leader in Eye Tracking Technology for more than two decades, announced today a prototype of SMI Gaze Interaction for Google Glass. It is based on a new eye tracking technology platform powered by Omnivision’s high quality sensor technology and SMI’s iViewNG eye tracking software platform.  The result: SMI Eye Tracking for Smart Glasses enables robust gaze based interaction with the Google Glass head mounted display. Features such as gaze controlled navigation and scrolling deliver the most natural and hands-free user experience possible for a variety of day to day and professional activities.

Definitely something to keep an eye on, despite the fact that Google might be working on this themselves.

Google patent revealing more robust Glass eye-tracking surfaces

Myself, writing for 9to5Google:

The patent details three different “paths”. The first is the display path, which demonstrates how the eye will see what is being projected (like the Google Glass display), the second is the ambient path, which shows from where the ambient (background) light comes from, and the last is the built-in eye-tracking. As you can see detailed above, the eye-tracking path comes from a camera that’s embedded in the device itself (124), and uses the reflective prisms—the same reflective prisms that are used to show the display—to take a photo of the eye.

It’s going to be interesting if we get full-fledged eye-tracking with Glass 2.0. Wearable heads-up display tech really needs this.

Google Glass unit continues to stir as business operations head Chris O’Neill likely planning departure

Earlier this year 9to5Google wrote that several notable engineers on the Google Glass project had rotated to work elsewhere in Google, but today we have word of yet another shakeup—this time suggesting that some even bigger changes are in the making. Sources familiar with the situation have informed us that Chris O’Neill, the former Managing Director of Google Canada and current head of Google Glass business operations, is likely planning to make a move away from the smartglass unit… Continue reading “Google Glass unit continues to stir as business operations head Chris O’Neill likely planning departure”

Google Glass Fans is going to CES, come ‘Explore’ with us at 2 PM on Tuesday!

There might not be many exciting things happening from Google in the Glass world lately (although we do expect that to change relatively soon), but it’s no secret that virtual reality is on the rise, and that’s sure going to be a hot topic this year at CES 2015. While there might not be much to see in terms of Glass, Google Glass Fans is going to be on the show floor by way of Stephen Hall and Spencer Kleyweg this week to make sure nothing goes unnoticed. And maybe we’ll spend a bit of time covering some upcoming wearable HUD competitors as well.

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Google Glass gets a cameo on famous Chinese kids show ‘Grade One’

Google Glass has made plenty of cameo appearances across a variety of television shows over the last couple of years, but as recently spotted by +Macy Kuang, the device recently made an appearance on Chinese kids show “Grade One.” Continue reading “Google Glass gets a cameo on famous Chinese kids show ‘Grade One’”

Google Glass Fans is back, and here’s to an exciting 2015!

It’s been a while, friends. I remember when I started SelfScreens (a site broadly aimed at covering wearables) right around the announcement of Google Glass, trying to foresee the coming and impending wave of wearable technology. I probably did some of my best writing to this date when I launched that site because I was so passionate about the idea of wearable technology—and it still astounds me how much potential this upcoming market has. But not long after, I decided I needed to specialize. I needed to focus on one thing. And Glass is what excited me the most.

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